The meaning of ‘Our Revolution’: violent overthrow of the government…Sanders can hardly protest that interpretation…

Sanders may as well run but the left needs to be wary of his corruption of the meaning of socialism and revolution. We need a revolution toward socialism.
If he uses the term ‘Our Revolution’ let’s take him at his word in the real sense.
Sanders’ version is an ego trip that centers on one person not a movement, and would likely end up blocked by the Senate, eight more wasted years…
The crisis of the planet needs IMMEDIATE revolutionary action. The term ‘revolution’ means violent overthrow of governments. If Sanders makes one peep of protest against ‘Our Revolution’ taken to mean that he is a running dog and counterrevolutionary

Should Bernie Sanders be the Left’s presidential candidate in 2020? Hamilton Nolan and Bhaskar Sunkara revive the great American tradition of arguing about Bernie online.

Source: Let’s Talk Bernie 2020

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