Hey wait a minute, won’t Bhaskar Sunkara be liquidated in the Jacobin phase of Our Revolution? Sorry I asked, but will Our Revolution adopt the guillotine and liquidate the right, center right, center and rightist greens…? revolution and habas corpus…


A dumb question no doubt: BS may be a bluffer like Sanders, behold the bloodthirsty jacobin lopping heads…
Or if he is as seems a social democrat why did he call he call his mag Jacobin?
Better to change the subject, don’t kick a gift horse in the mouth…His excellent magazine suggests that if anyone is that smart is that foolish we look the other way…

Actually the purpose of this discussion is to challenge the left’s tendency to make a fetish of the Jacobins:

they condemn using terms of bourgeois revolution the revolutionary left to violent liquidation of opponents. By any reckoning the ‘revolution’ ran amok here, even as leftists rush to the defense of the Jacobins on various grounds, often to great cogency. The point is very simple: the left should be very wary of the Jacobin label/idea: it is a recipe for failure, period. Quite apart from anything else the public will reject any left out of hand any left that courts jacobinism. As did the swiftly arriving counterrevolutionary Directorate. The left should critique the Jacobins beside their sympathetic analysis.
The issue is simple: the left has to grant habeas corpus and legal rights/just treatment to its opponents (that it might be forced to arrest) even as counterrevolutionaries classify as prisoners of war. The moment a revolutionary cadre starts in on a violent phase of liquidation its fate is sealed.
It is better to raise these questions in the open rather than suppress them. The public won’t forget or be deceived.

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