The failure of marxism and the need for a new paradigm…

I am sorry to criticize Proyect but to suppress critical thinking at his Marxmail is a gross abuse. I could have provided a lot of food for thought and gotten some exposure of my ten plus books on left/marxist subjects. The left is stuck in marxist idiocy and needs debate, critical thinking, exposes of leftist propaganda, more economic study that is up to date and able to penetrate capitalist propaganda, and in general a kind of theoretical ‘repentance’ as to the dreadful legacy of marxism/leninism/bolshevism.

On one point I ‘bother’ to do this because the marxist left supports the revolutionary option that gets filtered out in the passage to social democratic thinking which many marxists rightly suspect of crypto-ideology. That said, our new initiative, even as its tries to maintain a revolutionary perspective, needs to multitask the two options with a revolutionary/evolutionary double analysis. The issue of ‘social democracy’ is not so much some reactionary impulse as a clear sense that a revolution would be hard to bring about and induces a kind of waiting game in conventional leftist radicals.
Our critique of marxism therefore will try to produce a new paradigm that has a revolutionary option, along with a debate and/or ‘last resort’ support for the inevitable confusion of double options.

Looking at the eonic model and then the marxist legacy we can see almost at once the limits of the latter, and its subtle flaws next to its gross oversimplification of world history as economically driven…

Source: Marx, marxists and other hopeless idiots… – 1848: The End(s) of History

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