Lars Lih: Lenin Rediscovered

I have read 10 books on Lenin but I cannot divine the real facts behind his actions all the way through. By accident I found this book via Google, one that I couldn’t afford but heard of years ago. But who cares, I know from experience that someone trying to set the record staight on Lenin will simply create more confusion. Lih may be right about the early Lenin and his What is to be Done? but the fact remains that the marxist left is at all point armed with wrong interpretation of the whole history from 1900 to the rise of Stalin.
I hope this book will help on some points, but my challenge stands to make some sense of the Bolshevik era…It might be better to leave the whole thing behind and start over with new terminology, e.g. neo-communism instead of communism which turns all comers into idiots…

Source: lenin-rediscovered.pdf

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