A brief history of the communist pseudo-scientific bullshit 

The quoted passage is typical marxist bullshit. Marx’s delusion that he had created a science was a bad mistake and the result is the useless distinction of utopian and scientific socialism. The utopians get bad rap: the simple requirement of defining what communism should be is omitted as marxist boilerplate takes over and people assume that communism has been defined. To call people ‘utopian’ because they try to define what they are doing in terms of the values needed is the grossest of Marx’s idiotic errors and the result was value-free stalinist ‘science’.
These communist groups are packs of idiots who are currenly put huge obstacles in the way of a true what I would call a ‘neo-communism’ to avoid the tissue of errors taken from Marx by these stalinist dupes.

Scientific socialism as we know it today developed out of the early 19th century critique, by Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels and their comrades and followers of what they called utopian socialism.The term “utopian” refers to the book Utopia, published in the year 1516 by the 16th Century English philosopher and statesman Sir Thomas More.The utopian socialists expressed beautiful ideas about a better world, but their plans fell short because they were not rooted in the material reality of early industrial Europe and its growing class struggle between capitalists and workers.In the context of the expansion of industry and the industrial proletariat in Europe, Marx and Engels came on the scene.

Source: A brief history of the world communist movement – People’s World

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