Venezuela turning in circles of socialist incoherence: our DMNC type model can resolve the contradictions almost at a glance…

We have suggested many times that Venezuela shows the way the left has failed to produce any viable models of socialist reconstruction. Venezuela is thus turning in circles trying to find a path that doesn’t exist because noone can build a workable socialist economy.
It is not that hard and all the elements are there, but the opportunity could slip away.

We keep discussing our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ as a tool of analysis in the overall simplicity of a viable system. No matter that this is still incomplete as model: it activates a solution to the contradictions that bedevil socialist incoherence.
Our suggestion: complete the revolutionary expropriation and then create a balanced socialist market/planned economy that can resolve the hopeless muddle of socialism/liberalism that is turning Venezuela in circles. That country still has a huge opportunity but it is still unclear why after twenty years almost no progress has been made to create a real postcapitalism.
For Venezuela, the worst-case scenario of a US military intervention remains a potent threat. A long-time advisor to Hugo Chavez offers his thoughts on the country’s crisis.

Source: “Escalation Could Lead to a Catastrophic Outcome”

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