Is the american republic falling apart and/or being sabotaged?

In all the discussions of fascism we might fail to note the way Trump consciously or not is cleverly undermining the democratic idea, his wish to declare ’emergency powers’ being a case in point: an uncanny push into dictatorial terrain…Over and over Trump gives the impression of being hypnotized and ‘directed’ into his next move….


Had the “founding fathers” been less opposed to such core democratic notions as equal political influence, had they not bequeathed “we, the people” an Electoral College, and had we more feasible ways of doing electoral mistakes over, we would not now have a Trump to worry about. But that is not the hand we have been dealt.

Short of a real revolution, not just the kind Sandersnistas talk about, there is no getting beyond that. All we can do is ready ourselves for the time when Trump’s term finally ends.

Source: Dealbreakers: The Democrats, Trump and His Wall

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