Seize the day: can Venezuela complete its transition to real socialism/communism?

The history of the US in South America is so grotesque, so unendingly fascist, and anti-democratic that it is a wonder that ordinary americans can mouth the term democracy for their debilitated rogue state…

Source: The US needs a bolivarian revolution, and beyond that a socialist rebirth… – Darwiniana

The resistance of Maduro is heroic but it remains a question as to what seems like a stalled ‘Bolivarian stalemate’ with ‘real socialism’.

I have suggested our DMNC model, however incomplete or even amateurish because it places a real neo-communism (the term ‘socialism’ if you prefer) in the context of liberalism and reconciles communist expropriation of capital with a Commons, a socialist market system, planning, and a balanced democratic yet presidentially empowered mix of balanced power systems. Such a system is tailor made to rescue a Venezuelan hesitation at the threshold of full socialism leaving the experiment to the predations of the likes of the yankee fascist hyaenas.
Cuba transitioned to communism in a few years, but its communism was flawed and stalinist, while Venezuela is still at the threshold, no doubt hesitant at the cuban model. I am unable to pass judgement here, certain to get it wrong, but it seems that the old marxist formulas are misleading: we recommend our neo-communist blend: a close look shows that Venezuela is already close to a sloppy version of an incomplete version of our DMNC: dare to finish the job…

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