Saudi Arabia and the West’s Right Wing: A Dubious Alliance 

The charge of eurocentrism is often leveled at those who trumpet ‘western values’ and preach western models to the rest of the world. But the context of the eonic effect can help both sides to put the range of issues in perspective. In that context we can see that the whole issue of Europe, the West, and its tradition are red herrings that have confused everyone, ‘westerners’ most of all.
The eonic effect suggests that there is only one global ‘civilization’ and that the rise of modernity occurs in a strange ‘frontier effect’ whereby the eonic sequence jumps to a fringe area to restart a new epoch that will create a new layer to the global whole. The net effect is that we should think not of the issue of western civilization but of a newly formed global oikoumene based on the innovations of, not western culture, but the eonic sequence at is frontier (as of ca. 1500). The question of political and economic transformation enters the discussion mostly to confound/confuse all issues. The modern transition does not include or justify the onset of capitalist imperialism in the globalization of its effect: that process in no wise justifies exploitation which arises through degeneracy of the terms of discourse and the complete absence of any break on the rapacity of the eurocentered nation states generating globalization. The point here is that a process benign in its source core is corrupted in its realization, often by capitalist impulses run amok along with archaic ‘imperial’ processes beyond the control of the action of the successive transitions. Absolutely nothing in the modern transitions effects justifies imperialism. That simply arises as the effect of second rate versions of the overall transformation.

We can see why the Middle East has such a hard time with the coming of globalization: at its core the area is stuck in a religious legacy that is out of date yet confronted with a secularism already corrupted by the likes of the corrupt modernization and the ambiguous legacy of the american so-called democracy. The whole game is now a mess of pottage of collapsing religious tradition confronting the pseudo modernities of the degenerated amerian imperialism, now abetted by the fiasco of israeli zionism.
In this context the basket case of saudi arabia stumbles along granted fatally a license to conservative inertia due to its petroleum windfall and now casting about for a model of real modernity.
We might recommend our ideas of DMNC which blend all the requirements of the modern transition into a package that is both liberal and socialist, ‘real democracy’ in the context of a novel neo-communism, one that would easily generate its own middle eastern International.
This seems like a hopeless prospect but as things stand now the kindgom of saudi arabia is a degenerate rogue state with no future that needs a revolution of the kind that generated euro-modernity along with an intelligent economic solution beyond its spurious and soon gone petroleum windfall. It would be nice if it could escape the clutches of the american and israeli hyaenas whose outcomes hardly stand as recommendations of the modern transition. But the reality is stark: a post islamic civilization with the elements of the modern transition is the only real option. The longer it takes to realize this the longer confusion will reign along with the pseudo-modernity of the american and israeli hyaenas as degenerated modernities. Saudi arabia and the middle east need a revolutionary cadre with a new radicalism beyond the failed attempts of the era of nasser who nonethless grasped the gist of the above but in a flawed context of bolshevism which betrayed him and his quite reasonable core idea. These saudi princes are mostly ‘off with their heads’ cases in a revolutionary version. Let’s hope that can joltt hem and open  the situation to something intelligent.  Courting the european right wing is simply the obvious delusive reactionary mindset of a kingdom doomed to enter a new epoch.

Source: Saudi Arabia and the West’s Right Wing: A Dubious Alliance – LobeLog

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