Zionist Attack on the Progressives 

The ruling classes and their servants are using all kinds of weapons, from bombing the masses in Syria and Yemen, to police brutality and more. One of the weapons is the Zionist’s and their supporter’s propaganda smearing the progressive movement by calling them “Anti-Semites”.

The headquarters of this reactionary propaganda are in Jerusalem, coming from the right wing government of Netanyahu that is associated with the far right governments and fascist Anti-Semites movements around the world. The Zionists, who claim that anyone who criticizes their reactionary positions is an Anti-Semite, are working very hard to split the progressive movement and isolate the Jews from the progressive struggle. This is very clear in Britain and the USA. This is an old strategy that began with Herzl. Herzl offered the Russian Tsar (who was behind the pogrom of Kishinev) his services to isolate the Jews from the revolutionary movement for supporting his plans for a Jewish state. These days the Zionists are using the same strategy in Britain and in the USA.

Source: The Zionist’s Attack on the Progressive Movement – International Revolution

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