Search Results for “calculation debate” – 1848: The Ends of History

At a time of crisis in the capitalist system the left is not ready to produce a significant result: every opportunity on the left has resulted in failure because the marxist conceptual basis is flawed.

One result is the conspiracy to undermine the revolutionary option: consider Sanders’ Our Revolution: it is hard to believe this isn’t an attempt to coopt any form of fundamental change, consciously or not. But could the left based on a failure to really grapple with Leninism and its failures (what to say of Stalinism) take advantage of a real opportunity? The marxist perspective has a wrong theory of history, no real definition of communism/socialism, a muddled version of economic history, no real grasp of problems with neo-classical economics, a failure to really study the issues of market capitalism or produce a workable economy, no real political platform given a chance at state power, a mystical idiocy called dialectical materialism which has performed a coup de grace to rational accounting of leftist issues, etc… The problem springs in part from the way the theory of stages of production projects a future communism without specifying what that means. In general the marxist field resembles a cult with a Holy Founder. The reality is that the left has no real research program, no connection the larger field of cultural studies, science, or the question of evolution.

Time is short: a new upgrade is needed. We cannot let marxist idiots spoil a last chance for a postcapitalist transition by creating the opportunity for a new Stalin. This is no ad hominem against ‘marxists’, but they need to break old habits and to see that their platform is mostly jargon…

Source: Search Results for “calculation debate” – 1848: The Ends of History

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