Judeo-xtianity as dead religions

Source: Trump’s white evangelicals are nostalgic for an American past that never existed for blacks and others – Alternet.org

We can adopt a strong ‘secular’ view of the Axial Age religions (in fact the term ‘secular’ does not

originally really mean ‘anti-religion’ or ‘atheist’) but even so we can still be shocked at the sheer depravity of the end game. The reference to the Axial Age can help to remind us the way new epochs recycle old religions, judeo-xtianity showing persistence in degeneration. These religions have no future at this point and yet they threaten to persist and grow more and more deadly as they suffocate the american experiment. And the sheer depravity of Zionism should alert jews to the worse than dead deadness of the Israeli fiasco (cf.the horrifying account in Grand Deception) itself a factor in the control of the US via the religious right. We are likely to lose the legacy of a classic republic to this corpse.
Let us consider that while tolerance is a legal duty free speech is a basic right: it is not intolerant to denounce judeo-xtianity in a critical evaluation of its legacy and to protest the idiocy of thinking the US a christian nation: the sad reality is that religion has crippled a great social innovation. We are not all machiavellian christian politicians forced to a fake faith. We can simply monotheistic historical religions as running on empty.
It’s over for these dead religions and their basis in the Old and New Testament have been exposed long since. The idea, out of a morass of destructive concepts, that jews have a special relationship with god or that jesus rose from the dead don’t deserve the status given to them in the destructive and chaotic tumble into oblivion of Axial Age monotheism. Sadly, the american republic will probably be dead before that happpens…


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