R48G: working class identity politics…? from working class to universal class…




Our previous two posts are a bit curt on questions of identity politics but in reality our point of view embraces all these viewpoints, and does so almost more comprehensively than the adherents in question.

The reason is that (speaking, shall we say, with respect to our leftist abstract movement: the red forty-eight group, R48G) our perspective is that of the universal class which includes all classes as subsets. Note the pun on set theory and its sets or classes. All these formations, by race, by gender, or even by economic ‘class’, are classes/subsets in the universal class. All their mutual conflicts are to be expected.
The left that champions the working class, then baulks at the stubbornness of identity politics, might forget that with respect to the universal class, the working class formation and its activism is also a version of identity politics. That said the baton ends with the most comprehensive group and on that score the working class is closer to the universal class than subsets based on race or gender. If we think in terms of the universal class we can easily create larger combinations based on sets created from working class, and race/gender subsets, etc…The working class focus was a great innovation of the era of early socialism but now many are befuddled by the onset of identity politics. But wasn’t/isn’t this inevitable? And isn’t its resolution only a matter of time, and the recurrence of larger focus activism inevitable? Clearly without a version of working class socialism the feminist and racial equalization projects can’t be completed: we see that the working class perspective can assist the feminist and civil rights movements (a point fairly obvious to MLK). But the working class focus we can clearly see has its own limits and in the end we can or must create an activist dynamic (R48G) based on the universal class: after all, a revolutionary socialism must fairly and equally deal with a huge number of diverse groups and subset classes and that is not fully computable in terms of the ‘working class’ which, in any case, in economies like that of the US, has begun a transition via middle class annexation its trek to a different status in the universal class, …etc…

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