blame game: blaming marxism for Putin…//Russia Beyond Supervillainy

In Russia, Vladimir Putin’s evil genius matters less than pressures from the ultrarich, US foreign policy, and the ravages of the neoliberal Yeltsin years.

Source: Russia Beyond Supervillainy

A new book on Putin and Russia, reviewed favorably today at the Guardian, Counterpunch and Jacobin suggests an important read and some essential re-analysis of the Putin/Russia phenomenon.

In fact, I remain critical of Putin/Russia, which I still see in the Dugin/global conspiracy lens and, beyond the American electoral catastrophe and Russia-gate, the anti-democratic manipulations of a hidden elite across the globe. This even has an occult and faux new age aspect (look at the fascist musings of the gurus such as Rajneesh, and the tantric connection of criminal buddhism in the destruction of freedom in the era of Mussolini/Hitler, still and forever without secular legal proof). We see Putin running Trump, but who is running Putin? That hotbed of real supervillain lamas in Tibet? Sorry, the perfect crime. , Putin/Trump, what a parody! We have discussed the issue of the genesis of fascism in the context of e.g. buddhism at The Gurdieff Con blog (cf Shadow of the Dalai Lama). While welcome a book such as this still demands caution. What can I say: I haven’t read it.
The attempt to destroy democracy across the globe is a tragedy of modernism derailing into barbarism and reactionary antimodernism.
That the objects of this peculiar sedition aren’t really democracies would force the question of the obsession to be done with the fake outer forms of democracy.
I could recommend revolution for the US mirage, but at the same time value whatever freedoms it still supports, from free speech to legal rights.
Here’s our curve ball for today: let us blame marxists and marxism for Putin. What a lost opportunity! The Revolution of 1917 could have been the gateway to a new global order able to mediate capitalist globalization and soon the ecological crisis. Instead history was served with a complete faux communism created by incompetent lunatics armed with marxism who couldn’t grasp the issues of markets, democracy, leastwise ‘communism’.
In the final analysis Marx is responsible here in his misleading theories that made good propaganda but didn’t reify the requirements of a real communism.
It is appalling that after the worst of fake socialism Russia got after 1989 the worst of fake democracy almost deliberately foisted on the rubble of Gorbachev’s reasoned hope for a functional post-stalinist ‘communism’. Given the gross betrayal of the American capitalist hyaenas this book would seem to offer the needed corrective to the supervillain thesis. The villain must have been the CIA, among other supervillains.
Clearly, with greater skill and a decent analysis of some key to ‘real communism’ Gorbachev was still another lost opportunity. Instead the victim of marxist incompetence ends with a Putin and no real capitalism and no democracy.

We can certainly consider that a someone with the key to real communism should lead Russia to a new socialism done right beyond the horror show Leninist fiasco.
Here our suggestions that Marx’s failure to define what ‘communism’ must be in the vice of his failed theory of the ‘stages of production’ might give us the hope that if we can innovate beyond marxism with viable models of a postcapitalist system we can move beyond the obvious tragedy of duality we see in the motion of Russia between twin fiascos.
Our model of democratic market neo-communism is tailor made for the Russian calamity which has flunked both communism, and capitalism/’democracy’.
But the marxists are stubborn idiots, I fear they will never learn. These reviews are by the usual stuck in the past marxists (?fair) who still peddle the conventional sainthood of Marx/Lenin betrayed by Stalin…
Our DMNC model could rescue Russia tomorrow if applied with intelligence and caution. But the golden opportunity after 1917 may be lost forever?

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