Our DMNC model exposes the inefficient incompetence of capitalist corporations…


Reading this account of GM’s incompetent and venal management it suddenly becomes obvious that, we won’t just throw out the term ‘socialist’ but stick to our renamed version, and after the endless diatribes against inefficient socialism, something like our ‘democratic market neo-communism’ could easily resolve the problems of a prime capitalist corporation. The capitalists have lost the ability to ‘do their own thing’ and are floundering in pseudo-capitalist degenerations of the genre.
Our DMNC would allow several possibilities: a planned version, but better yet a ‘market’ version but one in the context of a Commons: such an entity could be run by a neo-communist entrepreneur using licensed resources and/or a managerial group, with mixed planning interactions, it would have any number of labor resolutions from socialist unions to a cooperative subset and would carefully mediate the issue of layoffs, if any, giving guarantees of transitional subsistence and guarantees of future employment. The result would fulfill all the characteristics of a capitalist version but in a far more intelligent version that would be subject to ecological law. And so on: this portrait of GM is revealing. Socialists with half a brain could to this as well as the capitalists. This is not state capitalist or bureaucratic command socialism, but a hybrid of the DMNC type.

Note: marxists would be unable to carry out this project and would immeditely override the the subtle difference from conventional socialist nonesense. Marxist have not done their homework, are confused about planning and markets and would immediately induce failure in the above….

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