Banned from marxmail list for heresy on evolution…?! the pathetic conformity of marxist idiots on darwinism…stalin and genocidal liquidation as delusive socialist social darwinism
banned from posting at marxmail, but you can get the latest one hundred posts at an open site…a lot of good links…
The left needs a makeover on the issue of ‘evolution’. Once you realize that natural selection is statistically impossible you are cast out of the public ideology so rigidly enforced into a void where you must start from scratch. Our study of the eonic effect can help and we nudge into the subject in the post linked to above. Leftists should know better. Marx, originally, knew better and instantly spotted ideology in darwinism. Soon, however, he seems to have crossed over to a darwinian viewpoint. No proper account has been given here.

But ‘natural selection’ theory in the hands of idiot marxists is a dangerous instrument and the history of the left shows the way that darwinism and natural selection got applied to deliberate class warfare as somehow evolutionary/revolutionary. What a botch of leftist progressive thinking.

The left must urgently abjure its legacy here and get with it on the newly emerging brands of ‘critical evolutionary theory’, i.e. critical of darwinism and its natural selection card trick.
There is no left if it can’t wise up on this issue, and we should suspect at once marxists of potential genocide (beyond the mass of idealistic idiots who don’t grasp their own history here), that being of course a tad ‘unfair’, but a reminder that idealists were succeeded by murderers who invoked Darwin the the bolshevik calamity.

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