Neo-socialism: the need for definitions…Noone on the left knows what they are talking about

Without commenting on this article as a whole we note our critique of stages of production theory from Marx and warn that no automatic transition to socialism will occur in some scheme of laws of the type proposed in marxism.

There could some other process here but the problem in general is that we haven’t defined ‘socialism’ and can’t assume anything beyond what we ourselves create as free agents in history. As the history of bolshevism shows the outcome predicted is not guaranteed. The long term transition in Russia was to Putin.
We can’t rely on Marx to have solved this problem. We need to specifically construct robust socialist economies, democratic backgrounds, and probably invent new terms (we have spoken of neo-communism, abandoning the older term). The attempts we see to construct socialism are incompetent and have no program that is really viable…
We have tried this with our ‘democratic market neo-communism’.
On the basis of study of the socialist projects in the world and the contradictions of the world-system, I have arrived to a reformulation of Marx’s understanding of the stages of economic and social development in human history. In my view, at the present historic juncture, we are in the early moments of a stage of global transition to socialism.

Source: What Socialism Can and Can’t Do

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