The Gurdjieff Con…// Marxist ignorance of the occult…occult fascism, sufi secrets…new age expose(s)

We are putting the old posts from the Gurdjieff Con ( online in a new blog by the same name.
This material is very ragged but it is a record that should be preserved. Perhaps we can put a selection into a Kindle book or free PDF.

The left is so bemused by historical materialism they don’t even notice the occult madhouse all around them. That’s a blessing or a curse.\
God forbid marxists study the occult, the devil forbid if they don’t.
J.G. Bennett had a version of ‘universal’ materialism that leftists might find helpful (without believing anything, but simply studying a sketch)

this blog is the only known record of the ‘sufi secret’ (unknown to most sufis) and is also a record of the charge of Rajneesh that (esoteric) buddhists created Hitler inside the rise of occult fascism, a devastating charge that has slipped from history and is mostly unknown even to his cult…(which had a fascist phase in the seventies)….the blog reiteration has not yet reached the posts on this…

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