The end of history or…a nudging directionality…

As we examine the eonic model we detect not so much an ‘end of history’ directionality as a ‘nudging’ process which is related to an abstract category of the ‘evolution’ of freedom. But if we look at the example so clearly given in antiquity in the occident we see the dangers and dilemma: the decline from the ‘gifts of greater time’ into extreme barbarism, and degeneration.
We have to ask if such a fate will befall ‘modernity’…

Fukuyama has navigated into being a liberal, it seems, and this is good. We can use the eonic model to suggest the best interpretation of the ‘end of history’ argument.

Source: Our site logo: the ends (plural) of history…and Fukuyama, now quite the liberal/ progressive (socialist?)… – 1848: The Ends of History

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