marxists/marx blindsided by ‘calculation debate’….//selections from Democratic Market Neo-communism – 

Our ideas of ‘democratic market neo-communism’ are an attempt to be specific about proposals for a ‘communist’ system.

No doubt they are not detailed enough but the basic point is made: Marx’s refusal to define what he meant by a new society led to tragic errors and a void filled by Stalin. The marxists ended up confused by historical materialism, stages of production theory, and the question of markets/capitalism.
We need to be specific on these issues so that the public can realize what is projected and decide on that basis.
Thus we have critiqued the idea of progressive economic epochs: …feudalism, capitalism, communism…There is no such progression. Feudalism is up in the air, capitalism is as old as civilization, and there is no historical mechanism that will cause communism to arise in some dynamic sequence: only men can create communism, and they might do so in the context of markets. The hard contrast of capitalism and communism created confusion: we must blend the two in some ingenious recombination that is postcapitalist yet has a robust economy…
Our DMNC which might better be ‘ecological DMNC’ to thus make clear that a postcapitalist phase should be:
1. democratic…the built in hatred of liberalism by marxists backfired and the idea of democracy never seems to have entered the bolshevik mentality
2. market…eliminating markets produced almost at once a challenge on the issue of ‘market clearing’ or the economic calculation debate, and this blindsided conventional marxists. A leftist response was rapidly forthcoming, but in the end this issue probably undermined bolshevism as the tendency to agree with figures like Hayek, and Ludwig Mises (the source of the calculation debate). Marx was oblivious to this issue, fatally.
The answer is simple: we can create markets inside a communist system by creating a constitutional Commons that frees the result from State Capitalism, that fatal disease…A lot needs to be said here and planning is growing increasingly sophisticated so the issue is becoming moot…
3. neo-communism…whatever we do it has to be ‘neo-‘ because the term communism has been monopolized by those who are responsible for bolshevism, etc..

The idea here is for a framework into which we can bring a form of ecological socialism…
Once we get specific and allow the creation of a robust economy the whole idea of communism can be reborn, as ‘neo-‘…

The riots in France are already stalled because noone has a program to offer. This situation is close to revolution but has no leadership, platform or connection with socialist or communist legacie…

Source: selections from Democratic Market Neo-communism – 1848: The Ends of History

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