Would a revolution of the Yellow Vests be a communist transition or just another ‘bourgeois revolutionary farce’?

We have outlined something we call ‘democratic market neo-communism’ which attempts a hybrid, that is not social democratic compromise, but a genuine communism that can still have markets. It also needs a revision toward a clearer ecological socialism, although the point is embedded via the innovation of ecological courts: social bodies can propose ecological projects and these can be mediated in such institutions.
This formulation has multiple aims, one, to solve the economic problem in terms of a Commons, and, then,to found the social construct in ecological socialism.

he Structure of Current Mobilizations Corresponds to that of the Sans-Culottes

Historian Sophie Wahnich compares the current period with the French Revolution, from the Marseillaise to the image of Macron as Louis XVI: possible parallels, excessive comparisons and potentialities at work.

The situation in France is very diffuse and the analogy to the French Revolution is interesting but misleading because it was a bourgeois revolution while now what is prefigured would have to a revolutionary transformation of the result of a bourgeois revolution: there some form of communism would foot the bill. Unfortunately, the term ‘communism’ suffers from its legacy of botched realization via bolshevism. Thus the revolutionary situation is clearly ambivalent and unable to focus on its real solutions, which communists, only so-called, can’t envision anything by a stalinist outcome, whatever their protests…


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