France: the yellow vests, Act IV – turn the movement into a revolution!

The yellow vest movement entered its “fourth act” this weekend, with another round of radical protests by over 130,000 people throughout the country. This time, the state response was even more brutal, with 89,000 gendarmes mobilised across France in an attempt to prevent the yellow vests from demonstrating – peacefully or otherwise – resulting in over 2,000 arrests.
We have critiqued the term ‘marxism’ many times, starting with our previous post, so our view of a site called ‘’ is clear.
But this site often has cogent pieces, mixed with bad marxist theory. As here.
In any case, the suggestion to move to revolution is ‘on target’ save only that the left, marxist mostly, is not ready for that, as can be seen in the confusion over working class issues and ecological ones, the hated carbon tax, etc…

So a new revolutionary platform is needed. As much as I support and sympathize with the ‘Yellow Vests’ and challenge macron’s distortion of the carbon issue to promote disguised austerity, the fact remains they don’t have a decent platform and despite the attempts as here for the marxist gang to provide ‘services rendered’ on that score they probably won’t get one any time soon because the terms of marxist/socialist debate are so confused that noone has any real revolutionary program. History is cruel and despite the (failed) efforts of some marxists (like Bellamy at Monthly Review) to claim Marx for ecology the sad fact remains that an opportunity for ‘revolution’ will fail (that’s no prediction, however) because marxists have always fumbled the ball on ecology.
A post-marxist left needs a revolutionary platform that can address working class issues in the context of the dangerous passage to de-growth (no doubt) and ecological socialism without creating a new elite of Mckibben types who will sell out the working class in the grounds of decarbonization.
It is a tricky combination and we sadly witness its unfolding in the case of the Yellow Vests. It is not however an insoluble problem. Back to the Drawing Board, in any case…

Source: France: the yellow vests, Act IV – turn the movement into a revolution!

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