The Yellow Vests (‘Gilets Jaunes’) | We are Plan C

We have probably all seen the news from France, many of us feeling a surge of joy as the people appear to take the streets, others confused as to the nature of the movement when we find out it was triggered by a rising fuel tax that was motivated by a need to address issues of climate change. In addition, there has been talk of far right involvement in the ‘Gilets Jaunes’ movement. Given the fast moving and informal nature of the movement, it might be difficult to find our bearings. We have gathered some resources here, voices from the left in France, with a view to helping comrades get a handle on the situation. We think it’s important that we amplify the voices of the revolutionary forces in the midst of what is an astonishing display of the capacity of the people to change the complacent face of power. ————————————————————– From a comrade in the ‘Beyond Europe’ network: It is quite important that the non-French speaking comrades understand a

Source: The Yellow Vests (‘Gilets Jaunes’) | We are Plan C

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