A (bungled) revolutionary moment….?

The riots in France expose the dilemma not only on the left but in the realm of general society unable at a moment of crisis to do what is needed: simply revolt against the desperate crisis confronting an entire planet. In a scrambling of intent the French rioters in a way misfired the basic issue, but let us grant that the real confusion comes from Macron who completely bungled the job on climate change with a sneaky attempt to make it play as austerity in disguise. Macron has done more to harm this critical issue than to help it, and the protesters are right: he should be on the way out.
Could the Yellow Vests insurrection lead to revolution? We have warned that that ‘left’ has no real platform beyond fragments of marxist cliches. France would be a prime … Source: Fr…

Source: France, revolutionary moment….? relevance of ‘democratic market neo-communism’…  – 1848: The Ends of History

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