a question of revolution…?//Is the United States Beyond Redemption?

The question transcends the article to which it is title: it applies very well to both the history and the late degeneration of the American ‘republic’. But the question is well anticipated by the Founding Fathers: a ‘republic’ if you can keep it.

In a way the American ‘system’ was never really founded in a truly complete fashion and then the liabilities of incipient imperialism, ethnic cleansing, followed by the notable legacy of ‘gilded age’, imperialism, military industrial domination, covert agency fascism, etc, is a grim reminder that short of renewed revolutionary transformation the whole American civilization verges on oblivion.
But the irony is that in such a ‘conservatizing’ system one of its original founders almost pronounced a blessing on future revolutionary resets!

Something even bigger than policy was on the line in the 2018 midterms: the country’s soul.

Source: Is the United States Beyond Redemption?

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