marxist reductionism simply feeds cartesian dualism…//Marx and Alienated Speciesism

This a completely useless discussion because the whole framework of marxism is cockeyed and incapable of discussing human or animal psychology. The whole thing is rubbish. A sufi question might be, does man have a soul, and what is the materialism of ‘soul’. Marxists have no real psychology of man beyond the out of date scientism that impoverished via Feuerbach the at least half-way intelligible legacy of figures like Kant.
A complete human psychology must discuss the organism, the soul factor, the forms of the self versus ‘the true self’, the will, consciousness versus self-consciousness, reincarnation and its mystery, etc…
Everything needed is absent in modern psychology, including marxism.
Marxist materialism simply amplifies the stark contrast of cartesian dualism which might be open to attack but which won’t go away in a world of marxist gibberish.
In many animal-rights circles, Karl Marx and a long tradition of Marxian theorists are to be faulted for their speciesist treatment of nonhuman animals and the human-nonhuman animal relationship.

Source: Monthly Review | Marx and Alienated Speciesism

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