marxism/leninism is almost a bigger obstacle than capitalism…//Should leftists disown the Bolshevik lagacy? 

We have been consistently critical of marxism here, even as we transmit the core of its legacy, but in the form of an independent ‘neo-communist’ perspective that doesn’t have to answer to the whole range of Marx dogmas. Marxists often don’t get it: in ’emperor with no clothes’ fashion they fail to realize what the general public knows: bolshevism was a total failure and the fault probably lies with marxism itself.
We have pointed to the flaws in Marx’s theories: why inflict historical materialism on the public, especially given the lead boot effect of its misperception of world history as a series of economic epochs. The transition from feudalism to capitalism to communism doesn’t work because the scheme of historical epochs is fallacious. Feudalism is a phantom of medieval decline and the realm of antiquity was in many way more advanced, while the history of capitalism shows its gestation before feudalism. Capitalism is confused by Marx with modernity itself, and that doesn’t work.
You can’t promote a mistaken schematic on the public at this point, they just stay away in droves.
The left needs a new upgraded and streamlined interpretation of capitalism and a very specific definition of a neo-communist system that is not the dysfunctional muddle that took over bolshevism…
In many ways it is marxists themselves who are an obstacle in the way to socialism…

We have often cited, and critiqued, this site, because its cultic adherence to the confusions of marxism render its advocacy problematical.

Source: Should leftists disown the Bolshevik lagacy? – Darwiniana

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