Marxist failure to replace neo-classical economics…

Despite the cogent critiques by marxists of economic theories the fact remains that marxists have produced no real substitute that can really function. Surely it ought to be clear that at the crucial moment of the Russian revolution the bolsheviks were unable to produce a sound economic construct that could really produce a real socialist. So marxists have actually made the neo-classical stronger by their inability to get specific about economic fundamentals.

Marx, let us recall, critiqued classical economics but was upstaged by the marginal revolution which produced neo-classical theory and which most marxists are unable to analyze properly such is its sophistical veneer of mathematics. And the counterattack of Mises on the calculation debate so-called has left most marxists in the woods. So the question remains: what economic system can the post-marxist left propose that will move beyond the capitalist formulation? It is an embarrassing question because most marxists are not even aware of the issues.
We have tried to plug the hole here with our suggestions about ‘democratic market neo-communism’ which tries to mediate the issue of ‘markets’ (without capitalists) in a neo-communist context.

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