Marxist ecosocialism and the value debate

The attempt to claim Marx was really an eco-socialist is more or less useless: it assumes that Marx is our Great Leader and must be right about all subjects. Scrounging in the discourse on ‘metabolic rift’ is almost silly. We don’t need to prove Marx was really an ecosocialist. He is almost more useful if we clearly see his limitations and create a successor to this teaching.

Marxists need to wake up. As things stand now any real attempt to apply Marx to a new revolutionary future is almost sure to fail as a small army of people with kneejerk hatred of marxism rise in revolt against revolt. We need to stop marxists from blowing our future all over again. What is of value in Marx can be quietly recycled into a new package without the Prophet of the last bungled attempt at finding a way to postcapitalism…
We should also comment later on the value debate…

Many socialists have contributed to the debate on Marxism, nature, and value, strengthening our common understanding of the enemy we face and the movement we must build.

Source: Marxist ecosocialism and the value debate

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