Toward a futuristic/revolutionary radical reformation

Toward a futuristic/revolutionary radical reformation

April 29th, 2017

Jesus Christ Commie…toward a futuristic/revolutionary radical reformation and an ‘atheist’ theology

March 3rd, 2017 •

I am not a spiritual prophet but I sometimes wonder if non-prophets couldn’t do a better job renewing
the subject than those who might make such claims and/or those who adhere to a core doctrine.

A radical reinvention of Christianity in a new reformation could lead the religion into a new future for a new era, but only if it can reckon its theological history in a truthful fashion beyond biblical distortions.

It would seem the first step is to play a trick on modern secularism by considering an ‘atheist Christianity’. Let’s put the term ‘atheist’ in quotation marks and consider that the ‘pop theism’ that came into existence over time is not the original of the Hebrew prophets. In any case a renewed
Christianity doesn’t need god superstitions and can consider a far more intelligent brand, one that is not
based on faith or doctrinal dogmatism.

A sufistic or Advaita concept of ‘god’ could completely transform the ancient superstition that turned
into a runaway theological idolatry of a crypto-pagan one/god pantheon.

And a future Christianity should reinvent itself around the left as a revolutionary social movement that can fulfill the earlier dialectic of the reformation, Calvinist capitalism versus Munzerian proto- communism…

A leftist Christianity could provide a vehicle for a transition beyond the stupidity (and Israel propaganda) of the current declining mess of pottage. There are many ways to reinvent the subject and many aspects of a revamped religion that can move through modernity in a way that might actually prove helpful…

A good starting point is the assertion that without the ‘resurrection’ there is no religion. Nonsense. we
can pull the plug on the whole game by exposing the belief system based on the resurrection.

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