archive: xtianity foundering in its myths..

archive: xtianity foundering in its myths..

May 4th, 2017

I have been critical of the New Atheists but it is confusing and unhelpful to buy into the hypocrisy of theists. I think the whole game is starting to nosedive and go into crash mode. So, the issue is what is the future after Xtianity and Islam suddenly lose their hold on people. It is inevitable. The minute a Biblical Criticism hound gets religion in his/her craw they make short work of lumbering religious elephants. And that’s true especially of Xtianity whose theological history just doesn’t wash with the modern mind which constantly runs off the track. I cannot thank Jesus for two millennia of mindfuck
over the Resurrection. We should note that a lot of spiritual bigwigs agreed here and moved via Islam to
try to provide something else. Now we have two confused religions.

I think we have a right to criticize Mohammed. Moslems moan and groan when new atheists mewl on the subject. But I have lived with Sufis and their view of the subject makes Sam Harris sound pious.

But I do grant Mohammed the status of a prophet. Second-rate or not, the phenomenon is a mystery. But I do not think that Mohammed was inspired by God or that his texts are sacrosanct entities of revelation.

So, what was going on? I have heard Sufis claim Shakespeare as inspired by Sufis. I doubt it, but Chaucer? The lore of his verse echoes a sufistic strain as old as the Troubadours. But the point is that certain Sufis had/have the power to inspire poets. Once I know that I know the secret to Mohammed’s Koran. Second rate or not it is a tour de force and a super clever stage effect from…Sufis? No, there were Sufis before Sufis like the Egyptian Gnostics who have since floated down the Nile of human culture doing all sorts of religious predestigation. I make no claim there. An even better explanation
might be the ‘demiurgic powers’ discussed by the Sufi J.G. Bennett. Whatever the case the whole Islamic phenomenon is much more interesting now if we try to get to the bottom of a form of poetic levitation from hidden Gnostics who used ‘god’ as the ideological prop to start a movement to take over the planet, in the wake of the failure of Xtianity. The emergence of this religion just at the sunset of the imminent Dark Ages is no idle coincidence. We can see the efforts emerging in the Axial Age to create artificially constructed ‘civilizations’ with a glue of religion. It seemed a good idea at the time, whatever the outcomes we shake our heads over now. The hold of this religion was so great it has left too many mesmerized to this day by its haunting music, the Koran as a superpoetry. We need to wait on the elucidation of mysteries to understand the truly stunning emergence and expansion of Islam. But let’s face it, it is a dead movement now. Jihad has nothing to do with it anymore.

Although the Reformation was an Xtian phenomenon that can’t be replicated with Islam, the fact
remains that the idea can inspire some creative insight into the phenomenon of Islam, whose cultural

dynamics is so often misunderstood. The problem with the Reformation is that it initiating the dissolution of Xtianity, not its reform.

Meanwhile, Moslems can see their future in that dissolution, but can adapt his construct to a new modern future. It would be easier with Islam than Xtianity, because it freed itself fomr much baggage after the example of Xtianity became known. Despite the almost magical manifestation of the Koran via a receptive agent such as Mohammed the chance of poetry to create an endless future is not there, in the end. And moslems denounce the end times, but modernity is a new age, and the end times are those of Islam.

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