archive: the Diggers, as early communists

archive: the Diggers, as early communists

July 18th, 2017 •

This discussion of the ‘Diggers’ in the English Civil War is refreshing and it would be nice to consider that this blog has influenced thinking in this direction, with its many references to revolution in the early modern, to the ‘Commons’ and, finally, ‘communism’. It is possible to claim that Marx was trying to restore to the French Revolution this dimension present in the early modern, and, in fact, present as early as Munzer.

The question arises as to how to realize any of this, and it is too easy to refer to the ‘Commons’ without implying something to replace capitalism. Hopefully this line of thinking will be able to reinvent a ‘new communism’, at a time when leftist groups seem to be in confusion.

The Diggers didn’t were a group able to emerge because a powerful revolutionary tide brought them
into existence.

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