archive: the 9/11 conspiracy

archive: the 9/11 conspiracy

July 16th, 2017 •

We can’t really proceed with a progressivist movement that is in denial on the 9/11 evidence of conspiracy. That’s one out of a slew of issues, and we can agree that it is hard to proceed here, but it is not enough to indulge in the usual counterarguments. The way in which the left got entangled in denial is somehow unclear, but we can see it already in place with Chomsky’s short book on 9/11.

The discussion is complicated here, but in the final analysis there is no serious refutation of the overall complex of suspicious evidence, amounting to overwhelming suspicion. We can’t just play dumb and
‘work through channels’ in the usual sense. Clearly working in the system is going to simply disregard this issue and compromise with what is obviously evidence of a criminal sector in the American government that murdered thousands of American citizens and blamed it on Osama Bin Laden.

il and be ready when the real rage/despair readies a new generation to revolt.

We confront a criminal mafia running the US, predating across a whole planet. There nexus is controlled by a deep state, democracy is an illusion, imperialism is wreaking havoc, the war on terror is a false flag construct, the political system has been essentially taken over by the right, the list is grotesque. We
must proceed beside emergency actions NOW to deal with emergency to see how their at best partial
success demands a larger comprehensive revolutionary solution.

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