archive: Is the ‘soul’ a spiritual technology of demiurgic powers in nature?

archive: Is the ‘soul’ a spiritual technology of demiurgic powers in nature?

May 4th, 2017 •

One of the ironies of modernity and the religious legacies of antiquity is the way the hidden spiritual technology of the Sufis is leaking out into the public domain, or at least trying to.

It is ironic that modern materialism can suddenly seem primitive next to the elusive plexus/soul seed phenomenon which is very hard to get any information about.

I think this question impinges on the original emergence of homo sapiens and that this, pace J.G.Bennett discussed here many times, connects to the suspicion as to the realm of ‘demiurgic powers’, that is, beings super advanced but within ‘existence’ or higher nature (same as lower nature, but still undiscovered by homo). The ‘soul’ technology of early man has spawned a descendant, but knowledge
of this has been virtually unknown in most historical civilizations.

Perhaps in the new era of history we entered with modernity this situation can improve as knowledge becomes available.

There is an irony here: this is an issue of materialism (of the soul), but it is so elusive it appears (if it
appears) as a ‘spiritual’ phenomenon…

We have suggested the communist left, reborn, as a future sponsor of this mysterious technology, the major religions having made a botch of the question.

If so, the left is in a lot of ‘school boy’ trouble. It is hardly competent for this as yet, next to the howls of protest from traditional religionists, really visceral howls. but religionists have lost their connection to the ‘working class’, to the ‘urban proletariat of the modern urban wasteland…They are thus the only candidates, But a bit klutzy on spiritual issues, to say the least, nearly Neanderthal next to the stellar (hoity) toities of new age movement. We can foresee leftists carted off to Zen monasteries and locked in for years, marxists banished to the caves of Almora, communing commies holding ‘last suppers’ in catacombs of the modern metropolis…

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